You might want to research your own cult Dee. The only reason you can do that now is secularism. When Christianity ruled you had Inquisitions, witch hunts etc. Let me help, look up Huguenots and Cathars and my previous examples of Rwanda and Scott Lively which are more current Christian atrocities, or better yet read the bible. Start with Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy then come back and tell me thats how you want to live. Did you discard parts of the bible as inconvient to your world view or did your preachers not tell you about this? How convenient. As a woman you should be aware of the persecution your gender has endured because of religion and it wasn’t Islam.

BTW I’m not defending Islam, it’s a silly superstition. I’m only pointing out the similarities to Christianity. Our society is pervaded in a Christian view which is exactly the same as Islam. Since only three percent of our population is muslim, maybe your efforts should be directed towards influence.

In other words, if you let the Christians take control you will have Christian Sharia.


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