There has been an uptick in anti-Muslim posts and memes filtering through my feed and others in the last couple years or so. Almost exclusively by Christians. Most of my FB friends are Christian, they share the same ethics and morality I do. Which is kinda the point of social media, I’m good without God, your good with God and we all get along .”Footprints on the beach” and the like are inspiring at a personal level, no different than myself posting atheist memes. It’s a fun forum to share both politics and religion and we can agree to disagree then go for a beer tomorrow. This goes out to the fringe islamophobes, racist and bigots, if you attack another religion for any reason without checking your own holy book first, I will set the record straight. Much of the Koran is plagiarized from the Bible and the Gnostics, Bhuddism etc. which in turn were also plagiarized. It’s yours to discover. Read the Koran the Bible and the Torah before heaping blame on a particular myth.


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