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God Really?

I get this all the time. “You can’t prove God doesn’t exist” You would be correct but you can’t prove Unicorns and Fairy’s don’t exist. You can only say the probability that they do exist is extremely unlikely. I can prove that 6 day creation, the Exodus, the Flood and a myriad of other myths in the bible didn’t happen. Either you believe all this which would make you wrong or you selectively chose passages which you agree with. That means that god was incorrect on the other ones and you have a better understanding of the world the He/she/it does.

You, yes you have made your own decisions despite dogma. Do you agree with slavery? No you say, then god was wrong. Polygamy, genocide, incest, death for apostates? It’s not a Muslim thing, the bible calls for it too. All of these are mandated by the Supreme Being.

Do you disagree with science? Apparently you do as you sit in front of your PC, the electrons flow at light speed. A predictable pattern allowing for a host of other applications. No god needed, no miracles, no supernatural intervention.  Never in history has religion provided a valid answer to reason. Science has been wrong but only science has been able to correct itself.